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SEF Energy is an integrated energy services company. SEF aims to be the logistics partner of choice for the Energy industry; meeting the need for urgency in your logistics is our mission.

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1014 East Legon Plaza, Adjiringanor-Accra, Ghana


+233-0545992100 | +233-0241525299 - Ghana

+1-917-775-5880 - USA

Corporate Vision

"Build an innovative, international, integrated energy group and modern SOE with outstanding core competitiveness"

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Our Services

SEF provides offshore logistical support services to drilling contractors, vessel managers and energy related service companies. Offering onshore receipt, material handling and asset management in modern facilities with robust IT solutions, SEF fulfills all shipping requirements to ensure a safe and efficient transfer to the required offshore destination.

  • Material handling solutions
  • Asset management solutions
  • Supply of DNV offshore containers
  • Chartering of aircraft
  • Chartering of offshore supply vessels
  • Procurement
  • Ship agency services

SEF energy provides fabrication services:

  • Pipe racks, accommodation modules and process modules
  • Piping ranging from carbon steel to super duplex
  • Pressure vessels in carbon and stainless steel
  • Jackets and structural steel
  • Stacks, fired heaters and process skids
  • Site installation and commissioning - offshore and onshore
  • Mechanical and E&I works
  • Surface preparation and painting
  • Marine services, rig and ship repair
  • Surface preparation and coating application of constructed steelwork
  • Dimensional control and laser surveys
  • Inspection of fabricated materials
  • Pressure testing of fabricated materials
  • Non destructive testing (NDT)

SEF provides scalable maintenance and shut down resources and services during a facility's lifecycle, including:

  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance including shut down and turnaround services
  • Decommissioning

SEF offers a wide range of services including:

  • Heat treatment
  • Scaffolding and access
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Leak sealing
  • Industrial coatings
  • Insulation services
  • Non destructive testing (NDT)
  • Tank services
  • Industrial equipment
  • Fire proofing

Our capability across all phases of a facility's life cycle and our multi-disciplinary service portfolio has proven invaluable to our customers.

SEF provides non-intrusive and intrusive decontamination services to the oil and gas industry.
These services have produced proven results for:

  • Process vessels and tanks
  • Large diameter crude storage tanks
  • Refineries and petrochemical plants
  • LSA / NORM decontamination
  • Non-intrusive cleaning with no manned entry or roof entry required
  • Maximum recovery of usable hydrocarbons from solids and deposits to the client inventory
  • Separation of water from emulsions to a quality where it can be disposed to normal water treatment units
  • Elimination of H2S and pyrophoric iron sulphide and liberation of benzene and Low Explosive Limit (LEL) gases in preparation for manned entry
  • Minimizing of the remaining sludge and solids for subsequent managed disposal

SEF has continually delivered world class electrical and installation services across a wide range of locations, including delivering to some of the Africa's' remotest and most challenging operating environments.

SEF has extensive experience of executing construction, hook-up, completions and commissioning services. Although our core service solution is electrical and instrumentation (E&I) works, we have successfully delivered numerous multi-discipline projects including field engineering, procurement, installation and testing, QA/QC and HSE.

SEF offers full marine and rig repair service including:

  • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems
  • Switchboard maintenance and repair
  • Panel building
  • Fire and alarm systems
  • Communication equipment
  • Networks and fiber optics
  • Light welding and fabrication
  • Profile cutting - waterjet and plasma
  • Pipe manufacture and installation

Manufacture and installation of marine, industrial, thermal and acoustic installation, cladding and trace heating.

We are specialists in light, medium and heavy precision machining and welding. With an excellent reputation in the global market, we pride ourselves on our reputation of being one of the most experienced and professional companies in the engineering sector. State of the art machining and welding technology, coupled with a highly skilled and experienced workforce, enables SEF to take on the most complex of jobs.

A total commitment to providing products and services that exceed clients' expectations has enabled us to become integral to our customers' operations. We are always willing to undertake innovative challenges and are highly regarded in the market for utilizing our machines to their limit in terms of complexity and capacity.

Our services include:

  • Boring
  • Turning
  • Mill turn
  • Automated welding
  • Non destructive testing (NDT)

We are experts in the use of high pressure and ultra high pressure technologies for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Abrasive water-jet cutting (cold cutting)
  • High pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting
  • Process vessel and tank cleaning
  • Large diameter crude oil tank decontamination and cleaning
  • Refinery and petrochemical plant decontamination
  • Non-intrusive cleaning solutions
  • (NORM) Management services and disposal
  • Camera inspection service
  • Equipment rental
  • Sub-sea jetting tools
  • Chemical cleaning and surface treatment
  • Surface preparation and coating solutions
  • Caisson cleaning and internal inspection
  • Platform 'black & grey' drains cleaning and management
  • Tube bundle and heat exchanger cleaning
  • Pipe-work de-scaling

Used in conjunction with our highly trained and experienced personnel and 'state of the art' ATEX compliant UHP and HP water jetting machines, our systems meet the highest safety standards and requirements required to operate in the constantly developing and challenging oil and gas and industrial marketplaces.

Strong working relationships with our clients are key to the successful, timely and on budget delivery of all maintenance, modification and shutdown work. SEF successfully executes programs with the best quality workmanship, to stringent safety standards and to exacting timescales. Our customers expect the highest levels of service delivery to meet precise shut down durations to minimize outages and keep their assets operating at maximum efficiency.

Renewable (Clean) Energy

SEF energy company manages energy generation from renewable sources at a local level. We are a major operator in the field of energy generation from renewable sources mainly from water, the Sun, wind and the Earth's heat, meeting the energy consumption of many families and avoiding million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

We are committed to contributing to sustainable development. We believe that renewable sources play a central role in promoting the competitiveness of production systems and ensure secure energy supplies.

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