About us

SEF Energy is an integrated energy services company. SEF aims to be the logistics partner of choice for the Energy industry; meeting the need for urgency in your logistics is our mission.

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1014 East Legon Plaza, Adjiringanor-Accra, Ghana


+233-0545992100 | +233-0241525299 - Ghana

+1-917-775-5880 - USA

+971 043570082 - Dubai

Corporate Vision

"Build an innovative, international, integrated energy group and modern SOE with outstanding core competitiveness"

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About us

Who We Are

SEF Energy is an integrated energy services company. SEF aims to be the logistics partner of choice for the Energy industry; meeting the need for urgency in your logistics is our mission.

SEF Energy in Africa

The Energy industry has unique and pressing logistical requirements. SEF Energy logistics recognizes the need to keep the vital components flowing to maintain production and operations around the Western African sub-region.

We are covering all aspects of the oil and gas exploration and production from Management and Provision of all Facilities Engineering, Modification and Maintenance of a Site/ Platform to laying of Oil and Gas Pipelines.

As our customer you can be absolutely confident that your project works is always handled professionally and securely. Our experienced operations work diligently to ensure that your material or equipment is on site and on time.

Our commitment to quality is clearly demonstrated in our results. SEF Energy is a nationally licensed and accredited by the Ghana National Petroleum Commission and Ministry of Petroleum, Ghana.

Providing Solutions

Technical Challenges: Support gas development – Support deep offshore technical exploration and production challenges

Operational Support: As an integrated West African services company, we are helping the operators to decrease substantially their logistic costs and challenges and we collaborate with governments to provide a sustainable operational environment.

Human: We wish to address lack of competences through training, mentorship and support for the National Oil Companies and agencies, the operators, the service companies and the academics.

National and Regional: We are developing through a local content strategy, not only as a 'trader' but as a true indigenous company with west African competences. Our aim is to support our region to develop its oil and gas industry

Mission & Vision

SEF Energy provides high quality, innovative, reliable solutions to our customers delivered safely by a highly skilled workforce with a view to retaining and growing our portfolio of satisfied, long term international customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a recognized leading supplier of oilfield services and renewable energy services in our chosen markets. To achieve this, we will:

  • Strive to provides cutting-edge services to our clients
  • Seek to attract and retain the best workforce
  • Use our best endeavors to keep resources safe
  • Strive to exceed our customers' expectations

Our Philosophy

SEF Energy achieves its mission by advocating and promoting innovative companies that see the future as we do, powering our society with advanced clean efficient energy technology. We seek energy security solutions that reduce our vulnerability to power disruptions from Geo-political, terrorism, solar storm, or other natural or man-made events, while shaping regulatory policy in favor of clean tech. And we work to educate current and future generations about the value of the sustainable clean-tech industry.


Our strategy is to achieve long term sustainable growth as an international oilfield services company. Our strategy is centered on our four core principles:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Intimacy
  • Innovation
  • Balanced revenue stream

Operational Excellence

To ensure international consistency of service quality:

  • Continuous improvement of processes
  • People development and training
  • Sharing of best practice

Customer Intimacy

To deliver safely, on time and on budget:

  • Better understanding our customer's needs
  • Providing innovative solutions to our customer problems
  • Working in partnership with our customers


To ensure we remain a provider of solutions for our customers' problems:

  • Continually reviewing our service offering in light of developing customer requirements
  • Investing in new technologies
  • Working with our customers to develop cost effective solutions

Balanced Revenue Streams

To meet our customers short and longer term needs:

  • Spreading our risk over development, maintenance and end of life cycles
  • Balancing our geographical exposures
  • Balancing our service portfolio

Strengths & People

SEF Energy's enviable reputation is built on a platform of safety, innovation, integrity, responsiveness and reliability. Throughout its inception, SEF logistics Services continues to develop enduring relationships with customers and suppliers alike, affording a deep operational knowledge of all its customers and their requirements and creating a network capable of delivering success, on time and on budget. Our international footprint and size allow us to mobilize large numbers of trained personnel and equipment to meet our customers' demands at short notice wherever they may be and to exceed our customers' expectations.

As a service provider SEF Energy's people are key to the success of the business. We value our people highly, each person embodies SEF's values of safety, innovation, integrity, responsiveness and reliability. We strive to create a working environment and culture that ensures our people can achieve their full potential and have long and rewarding careers with us. We pride ourselves on the average length of service of our employees and on their progression through the business.

Creating Shared Value

All the company's departments participated in the definition of a "Creating Shared Value" model to which SEF energy is aiming, a short-, mid- and long-term action plan that will ensure the full integration of sustainability into the various phases of the value chain. This path is leading SEF energy to a "reform of prospect" in its way of operating, direct Company towards an increasingly prudent management of its activities and a growingly sustainable presence in the areas where we operate.

Customs Compliance and Consultancy

SEF provides experienced personnel to fulfill consultancy and training services, both in-house and on-site, in the following areas: Customs, Import and export documentation, Dangerous goods

Providing guidance, training and support for customs related issues ensures compliance with all customs rules, regulations and regimes. Assisting clients to navigate the complex maze of customs and trade rules and regulations, manage compliance risk, automate import and export processes and maximize costs and duty savings opportunities.

Health, Safety and Environment

At SEF energy, health and safety excellence is one of our core principals.

We achieve this by constantly reviewing and improving our policies and procedures surrounding health, safety, environment and quality systems creating and maintaining a safe environment at all our operations and for all our staff.

Our HSEQ resources continually audit, monitor, review and improve our management systems which are:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Health and Safety

We believe that every employee has a role to play in the management of our health and safety policies and at SEF we nurture and encourage a positive heath and safety culture to ensure that we keep our employees safe. Key Performance Indicators are set for every aspect of our business and are regularly monitored to ensure that we meet the highest standards.