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SEF Energy is an integrated energy services company. SEF aims to be the logistics partner of choice for the Energy industry; meeting the need for urgency in your logistics is our mission.

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1014 East Legon Plaza, Adjiringanor-Accra, Ghana


+233-0545992100 | +233-0241525299 - Ghana

+1-917-775-5880 - USA

+971 043570082 - Dubai

Corporate Vision

"Build an innovative, international, integrated energy group and modern SOE with outstanding core competitiveness"

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Corporate Vision

"Build an innovative, international, integrated energy group and modern SOE with outstanding core competitiveness"

Corporate Vision

SEF Energy is dedicated to building itself into an integrated energy group with outstanding core competitiveness through unremittingly developing and enhancing its technical advantages in nuclear power and industrial advantages in clean energies, and extending its influence in the global energy sector.

SEF Energy is dedicated to building itself into an innovative enterprise through advocating and cultivating innovation among all employees, and exploring leapfrog development of integrated clean energy technologies on the basis of conventional and renewable energy.

SEF Energy is dedicated to building itself into an international energy group through global perspectives by borrowing the most advanced governance philosophy, development mode and administrative and technical standards from international counterparts, adhering to the "Going Global" strategy and integrating itself into the global development pattern.

Management Philosophy

The key of corporate governance according to law is to run the business, make decisions and protect corporate rights according to the laws and regulations, and pay close attention to legal risk prevention, so as to make sure everything is within the limits of law.

The key of scientific corporate governance is to follow the rules of corporate operation and development, set up a sophisticated modern corporate governance system with advanced philosophy and methodology, so as to ensure rigorous, scientific and efficient management activities.

The key of rigorous corporate governance is to comply with provisions and regulate corporate management with specific codes and procedures, so as to set up strictly-defined responsibilities, standards, and procedures with rigorous implementation and evaluation.

Operational Philosophy

"Integrity-based, benefit-prioritized and all staff-participated"

Integrity-based means sticking to the truth and honoring contracts to win the trust of employees, customers and stakeholders.
Benefit-prioritized means sticking to value-orientation and assets increment with both economic and social benefits.
All staff-participated means all staff should act as the runners of the company, shoulder responsibilities and appreciate value creation.

Working Philosophy

"Plan, Procedure, Revision, Excellence"

Plan refers to the process of setting down goals as well as tactics and working plans to realize such goals with regard to problems in work. Procedure refers to establishing and observing standard working processes when realizing working goals. Revision refers to implementing timely feedback, analysis and adjustment with regard to problems arising in the execution of procedures. Excellence is a description of work results and an expectation for the results and goals.

Safety Philosophy

"All risks are controllable; all violations are preventable; all accidents are avoidable"

All risks are controllable: risk exists anytime anywhere. It is a must to identify correctly, analyze carefully, and respond scientifically in order to control risks.

All violations are preventable: violation stems from negligence and "luck" mentality. It is a must to tighten procedures, standardize working processes, and give correct instructions in order to prevent violations.

All accidents are avoidable: accident arises from accumulation of hidden perils. It is a must to find out laws, improve management, and diminish hidden perils in order to avoid accidents. It is a must to have querying attitudes, rigorous working methods and the habit of inter-communication, and to comply with the requirements of corporate and nuclear safety culture.

Professional Ethics

"Be loyal to the country, the cause and the company"

Being loyal to the country is the political responsibility of "SEF'ers", who are committed to realizing the dream of building a strong renewable energy country and shoulder the national mission of alternative energy independence.

Being loyal to the cause is the value employees pursue, who are devoted to the dream of a green energy-driven future. "SEF'ers" work with confidence to succeed in the company's cause of clean energy development.

Being loyal to the company is the professional spirit of SEF energy, who are dedicated to the dream of building an everlasting enterprise, observe corporate values and professionalism, combine individual growth with corporate development, create sustained value and devote themselves to SEF's lasting development.